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Deliverance Alleluia Ministries International @+27798355779

Father and Leader Among Leaders. a Spiritual Father To Many  Spiritual Attachment Pastor Alph N Lukau   Connected TO Remain Protected God is still speaking with miracles to witness Through the services of Alleluia Ministries offerings ∕ donations done in spiritual payouts which are through the sell of anointment's  such as; *-spiritual Honey TO Treat Alinements ∕ Chonic Diseases. *-anointing Water TO Treat AND Protect Against ALL BAD LUCK, EVIL Spirits AND Prosperity IN Bussiness. *-international ∕ National Invitations FOR Privately Prayers FOR Families, Company AND People OF HIGH Profile IS Granted Through Appointments Prayer Spiritual Candles. *-spiritual Ribbons. *-anointing Stickers, (for the blessing of your house, cars, business and work places of various specifications online prayers booking contactPastor Alph N Lukau  ministries A few things I ask of those who serve God with me To seek God daily To delight to know His ways, Never to forsake the judgment of God; To always ask of God for righteous judgments; And to delight in drawing nearer to God. Pastor Alph N Lukau Prayer Requests Submit your prayer requests and Pastor Alph N Lukau  will touch in agreement, with you for your requests, lifting you, your requests, your friends, your family, your business, and anything else that may be on your heart up to the Lord who is our healer, our provider, our Father, and our greatest friend. The anointing that I am talking about right now it is not the anointing of next year, but it is for right now. Before you will begin to see signs and wonders. So that the rule of God, is brought about in the hearts of man through the prophetic ministry. With a servant’s heart the ministry of Pastor Alph N Lukau  will equip His Body to reach the lost through media with the prophetic answers you need. This ministry exist solely so that every household can experience the prophetic word of God so that they may believe in Him, call upon His name, and be saved. WE Deliver National International (World wide)-African correspondences are given on specials. ∕ FOR Bookings, Donations AND Orders, please Contact; +27798355779 / https://alleluiaministries.wordpress.com  south Africa 


Phone number:+27798355779

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