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NEED SKIN LIGHTENING? IVORY CAPSULES …+27836909573 The world is talking about remarkable results using Ivory Caps Glutathione Pills. Removes blemishes and greatly improves skin color by reducing the production of excessive Dark skin pigment. That Cream for body lightening and whitening can lead to uneven color or dark spots... But the question that many ask is what makes Ivory Caps so special. The answer is quite simple, yet profound. Ivory Caps uses highly concentrated 100% natural ingredients such as glutathione to achieve amazing results ''from the inside out.'' Ivory Caps does not use harmful drugs or bleaches. Every ingredient in Ivory Caps has been selected for its effectiveness and health benefits. In addition to achieving skin tone results, many have reported healthier, softer and clearer skin. This is consistent with Ivory Caps goals of helping people ''look and feel their very best’’ We also deliver to you if you order: For more information and orders Contact Dr. Balule on; Call: +27 83 690 9573 WhatsApp: +27 83 690 9573 E-mail: dr.balule@gmail.com Website: www.baluleborganicbeauties.webs.com


Name:Dr. Balule
Phone number:+27836909573

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